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Fishponds Bank

Fishponds Bank was situated on the former Midland Mainline from Bristol Temple Meads. Trains heading north weaved their way past Barrow Road Shed before passing Lawrence Hill Junction Signal Box, which controlled access from the mainline to the shed, carriage sidings and St Philip’s Yard freight yard.  The gradient from Barrow Road Shed to Fishponds, some two miles away was steeply graded between 1 in 57 and 1 in 97, with a lengthy stretch at 1 in 69.  Here is a gradient post where the mainline ran under one of the arches at Barrow Road indicating 1 in 89 at that point.  Barrow Road daily supplied a banking engine to assist heavier trains up the incline.  The banking duty ceased early in January 1965.  The Midland Mainline passed over the Western Lines to South Wales and the Northwest at Lawrence Hill Station.  At Fishponds there was a spur to Avonmouth used by freight and light engines at this time in 1964.  The line was closed in 1969, at which point trains to the Midlands and Northeast were routed through Filton to Yate, rejoining the former Midland Mainline there.

Photo Gallery of Fishponds Bank

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