Temple Meads Station

In 1964 Bristol Temple Meads had 15 platforms, two through roads between platforms 7 and 9, one through road between platforms 2 and 4 and a line for engines to access and leave Bath Road Shed.  

Platforms 12-15 were the original station in Bristol and used for mainline arrivals and departures from the Midlands and North East. In addition stopping trains to Gloucester, Bath Green Park and Severn Beach used these platforms. Today they are used for car parking, although there are serious discussions about bringing them back into use.

Platforms 6, 7 and 9 were the main departure platforms to Paddington, the North West via Shrewsbury, Portsmouth via Westbury and Salisbury and South Wales. In addition, through trains from the South West to the North East, like the Devonian, would use these platforms.  

The main arrival platforms were 4 and 5 with 1 and 2 being used as required. These platforms were also the main departure platforms for Weston Super Mare and the South West.

A number of trains from the North East would also use platform 12.  Platform 11 was used as a parcels bay.

Home Steam in Bristol Steam Shed St Philips Marsh Steam Shed Barrow Road Bristol Steam Workings 1964

Photo Gallery of Bristol Temple Meads Old Station

Photo Gallery of Bristol Temple Meads Platforms 6-11

Photo Gallery of Bristol Temple Meads Platforms 1-5

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