Recorded steam workings in Bristol in 1964

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Most of the data recorded monthly on the following pages are from my own observations in Bristol and from information taken from the Roster Board at Barrow Road.

For several months I also noted the position of all engines allocated to Barrow Road, washouts, repairs etc.

I would like to thank two people for allowing me access to their records, which has enhanced my existing data.  They are David Nicholas, particularly for his lists of engines on St Philips Marsh in the months up to closure and Richard Strange, who sent me photocopies of his long standing research on railway workings in Bristol.

The final spreadsheet contained over 15,000 steam entries for the year 1964.

The Roster Board at Barrow Road shed, which was a major source of information for steam workings in 1964.  The photo was taken towards the end of steam at the shed in October, 1965.

Two pages from one of my notebooks for 1964, Thursday July 9 and Friday July 10, which have provided the information for steam workings in that year.

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