Bristol Steam 1964

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My name is Patrick O’Brien and I am a retired school teacher.  I was born and brought up in Bristol before moving and staying up north at the age of 19.

 My main interest in the years 1961-66 in Bristol was to record and photograph the passing steam scene.  My notes and photos remained intact, although very rarely looked at, for 44 years, and, but for the internet, would certainly have remained so.  I have chosen 1964 for this website as my notes are most detailed for that year.  

Over a year ago I started to post my photographs on Flickr as Trafalgar45682.  Their popularity, particularly the Bristol shots, persuaded me to set up this website to look in more detail at the steam workings of that year, the last full year before the elimination of steam in the Bristol area.  

I need to thank a number of people.  David Nicholas was a fellow enthusiast who allowed me to use his camera and provided me with the expertise and with the photos taken in 1963-64. Some of the shots on the site were taken by him.  Richard Strange, who will be known to many people who have an interest in the railways of Bristol, kindly gave me copies of his longstanding research into steam workings in Bristol in 1964 and also copies of Working Timetables so that the information I have provided is accurate.  Finally to some of the men, particularly John Clark and Mark Meeks, who were firemen at Barrow Road Shed in the 1960’s, who have provided me with photos, records and an insight which I did not have before.

I hope you find the site interesting and informative.  If you wish to comment or correct any errors  (of which I am sure there will be some), please do so by using the email address below.  I will gladly answer all comments and questions.

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Reading Castle 5002 Ludlow Castle waits in the centre road at Bristol Temple Meads to restart the 20.00 Hoo Junction.

Home Steam in Bristol Steam Shed St Philips Marsh Steam Shed Barrow Road Bristol Steam Workings 1964

Ex-works 6856 Stowe Grange enters Platform 7 at Bristol Temple Meads.

Jubilee 45675 Hardy heads the southbound Devonian past Barrow Road Shed.

Jubilee 45653 Barham pounds through Lawrence Hill with a Summer Saturday Nottingham train.

Hall 4993 Dalton Hall waits to start the 21.10 freight to Oxley from Temple Meads Goods Yard

Jubilee 45631 Tanganyika emerges from Days Bridge past Barrow Road Shed with the 14.15 Bristol to York.

Steam Records for Monday June 29 1964.

A full set of records for the year can be found in the “Bristol Steam Workings” Tab.

Below are some photos and details of steam workings from 1964.  Other photo galleries of Temple Meads and the Bristol Steam Sheds, together with detailed records for the year can be found on the other pages of this site.

Other photos of steam in Bristol and other areas of Britain in the 1960’s can be found on this Flickr Site